Living life for a bigger purpose, Paul is a father, Actor, film maker, accomplished pilot, musician/singer, photographer, and entrepreneur (featured in Success magazine). Paul has recorded two albums, and started 3 companies. Currently on several national, TV and Print campaigns, films and television shows. Born in Canada, he currently lives in Los Angeles with his son. Paul is a global citizen with an insatiable hunger for adventure, and has flown over 3,000,000 miles on commercial airlines. Anywhere feels like home.


Ariane is a writer, entrepreneur and TV/Radio personality. She is the author of The First 30 Days; Your Guide to Making any Change Easier and has appeared on The Today Show and CBS and has been written about in USA Today, BusinessWeek and Oprah. She grew up in 6 countries, speaks 4 languages and has an MBA from Stanford. She has had several high profile jobs but is now much happier pursuing her dreams, living spiritually and going on crazy adventures all around the world..


has been an active stuntman in Hollywood over the pass 20 years. He has just finished shooting next year’s highly anticipated “Ganster Squad.” Currently, Mike is the stunt coordinator for Nickelodeons’ TV sitcoms, “Bucket and Skinners’ Epic Adventures’ and “How to Rock”. He is an avid bike enthusist where he rides the “spectacular” canyons of the Santa Monica mountains near his home in Woodland Hills.


Eric is a father and husband and amazing graphic designer. He is a Creative Director of Motion at Tectonic in Seattle, Washington where he also teaches Thai Chi. Eric is ready for the next motorcycle trip with Anand, just say the word.


Brooks is a self made business man and Broadway producer who is now producing a play in China. Brooks lives in New York City and is an avid motorcycler and world traveler.


Rich Parkerson

Rich is an entrepreneur, owning his own technology company in Washington D.C. Not knowing the meaning of boundries, Rich not only is an adventurer, but can be seen playing music in his band, acting, and writing.