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Jon Fitzgerald – Director and Producer

Fitzgerald holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Film Studies from the University of California at Santa Barbara. In 1994, Fitzgerald directed and produced SELF PORTRAIT, which was not accepted at Sundance.  As a result, he and two other filmmakers launched the Slamdance Film Festival in 1995, the first-born alternative to Sundance, designed to generate an avenue of exposure for new talent.  He would then become the Executive Director for the next two years.

From 1997-1999 Fitzgerald held the position of Director of Festivals at the American Film Institute. Highlights during his tenure include the US premiere of Oscar winner LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL, Lasse Hallstrom’s THE CIDER HOUSE RULES and Pedro Almodovar’s ALL ABOUT MY MOTHER.  In May of 2002, Fitzgerald became the Executive Director of the Santa Barbara International Film Festival, and was responsible for overseeing the programming, sponsorship, marketing, and artistic direction. Most recently, in 2007 and 2008 Fitzgerald worked as the Festival Director and then as Director of Programming for the Abu Dhabi Film Festival.

Fitzgerald has over fifteen years of experience in the studio, independent film, and film festival communities.  In 2009 Fitzgerald completed THE BACK NINE, a feature length documentary about an average golfer’s quest to become a professional golfer, beginning his training after the age of 40.  The movie will be released in December of 2010 by Magnolia Pictures.  THE HIGHEST PASS is his next feature project.

Adam Schomer – Writer and Producer

With his Bachelors of Science degree from Cornell University in hand, Adam set off to graduate from the even more prestigious Second City, beginning his improv comedy career and going on to write and produce several comedic shorts and stage plays. He then wrote and produced the Becka and the Big Bubble TV Show, a mixed animation/live action children’s show that aired on PBS San Diego, based on his award‐winning children’s book series by the same title.

Since making THE HIGHEST PASS, his company i2i Productions has finished production on the feature documentary When The Dust Settles and is set to complete post production in September 2012. This film takes a deep look into the effects of nuclear testing on the children of Kazakhstan. I2i Productions is also in development on a travel documentary TV series for kids, Yes I Can, as well as a TV docu-reality series based on their next Himalayan motorcycle adventure. And keeping with his roots in comedy and being a fellowship winner from the Writers Boot Camp, Adam continues to write feature films.

It is Adam’s intention to “unite through wisdom and entertainment,” thus his dedication and study of meditation, yoga and the  understanding of spirituality in both the USA and India lend him a unique perspective as a producer and writer. He not only sees what works and is happening in America, but also sees the underlying human motifs present in all walks of life. Adam is also the co‐author (with Anand Mehrotra) of a soon to be released book series on freedom, The Free Life. i2i Productions can be found at:


Michael Mollura first broke out as a composer for theater in New York City providing challenging theme music for off‐off Broadway productions. Transitioning to film, after scoring several documentary shorts while recording and performing in various music ensembles, Michael scored his first full‐length film NEBRASKA in 1998. Since then, he was written for several theater and commercial projects while also playing a vital role in the preservation and appreciation of music from around the world. Other feature films include: HOT COFFEE, CLIMATE REFUGEES, RECONCILIATION and ANTARTICA. For THE HIGHEST PASS, Michael collaborated with Jon Anderson, lead singer of YES, for two of the film’s tracks “The Highest Pass” and ‘Waking Up.” Currently, he is completing work on the upcoming untitled film based on the life of Yogananda.


Jon Anderson is undoubtedly one of the most recognizable voices in progressive rock as the lead vocalist and creative force behind Yes. Anderson was the author and major influence behind the series of epics produced by Yes and his role in creating such complex pieces as “Close to the Edge,” “Awaken,” and especially, “The Gates of Delirium” was central to the band’s success. Additionally, Anderson co‐authored the group’s biggest hits, including “I’ve Seen All Good People,” Roundabout,” and “Owner Of A Lonely Heart.”

In 2011, Jon release the album Survival and Other Stories on Voiceprint Records / Gonzo MultiMedia. He collaborated with Michael Mollura on two songs on the album entitled “The Highest Pass’ and “Waking Up” which are featured in film.

On October 25, 2012, Jon’s 67th birthday, his latest musical master work, a 21‐minute opus titled “OPEN,” will be released digitally. Jon returns to his musical roots in ‘OPEN,’ an exhilarating musical journey, pioneering effort that weaves intricate melodic and harmonic themes within a classical music framework whilst showcasing his iconic vocals and timeless melodies throughout.

Jon is currently on another solo tour of the US which started in February 2012. He is also recording new material for his next CD planned for a summer 2012 release, as well as recording the follow‐up ‘OPEN’ titled ‘Ever.’

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Andy HayAndy Hay – Associate Producer and Sound Designer

Armed with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Berklee College of Music, Andy made the move out to Los Angeles in 1995 to continue his love of recording and mixing music.  He spent ten years in the record industry alongside such notables as Rick Rubin, and Randy Jackson, and lent a hand in the mixing of many releases for Warner Bros, MCA, Sony/Columbia among others.  In 2011 he received a Grammy nomination for his contribution to Michael Jackson’s “We Are The World for Haiti” remix.

Andy transitioned in to sound for film following a chance meeting with an AFI student seeking sound design for her thesis film, Hope To Die.  This paved the way for what soon became a newfound passion and a successful career as an award-winning sound designer and re-recording mixer.  Proper Post is Andy’s boutique post production sound studio, serving the needs of independent filmmakers, documentarians, and creators of socially-conscious media across all platforms.  To date he has completed over 80 feature films including the 2011 Sundance Grand Jury Award winner, Like Crazy.

The Highest Pass marks Andy’s introduction into feature film production, something he is excited to do more of in the future, including returning to India this fall for the next Himalayan motorcycle journey.  Andy is also co-writer and co-producer of the hit children’s musical theater show Princess Bean’s Messy World.

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Adam Schomer and Jon Fitzgerald

Jon Fitzgerald

Adam Schomer

Bobby Chang
David Makharadze

Dan Perrett

Peter Rader

Adam Fike

Jordan Murcia

Dean Mitchell

Keshav Prekash
Paul Greene
Richard Parkerson

Michael R. Mollura

Song/Lyrics by Jon Anderson
Composed by Michael R. Mollura

Andy Hay

Keith Kohn

Marty Lieberman – Sitar
Eddie Young – Cellos
Violeta Villacorta – Vocals
Annmarie Solo – Vocals
MoMo Loudiyi – Vocals, Bandir, Percussion
Dahveed Haribol Das – Percussion
Keith Kohn – Percussion

Andy Hay

Jim Jeltema

Eric Braff

Proper Post, Los Angeles, CA

Eric Braff
Ariane De Bonvoisin
Brooks Hale
Paul Greene
Anand Mehrotra
Mike Owen
Richard Parkerson
Adam Schomer


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